24/7 Sustainable Generation from the Sahara to the UK

10 GW of Solar and Wind Generation

"We Could Power The Entire World By Harnessing The Solar from 1% of the Sahara."

– Forbes

25 GWh of Battery Energy Storage

"High levels of intermitted and inflexible generation will require high levels of new flexibility, and there may be some periods of oversupply. Interconnectors and energy storage will play a key role in easing this."

– National Grid

The Longest Subsea Cable System ever Proposed

About the Project

Xlinks is a UK company looking to address the three key challenges associated with the transition to a low carbon economy; securing low-cost power, from sustainable sources whilst maintaining a reliable electricity network.

Wind and solar installations in the UK are an effective tool in reducing the UK’s emissions. However, solar generation in the UK is very low during winter when the demand for energy is highest, and wind output can vary greatly from week to week. Energy storage plays an important role in balancing out generation and demand throughout each day, but we do not have the technology to economically shift power between weeks or seasons.

Locating the solar and wind generation the Sahara offers a solution to this problem. The Sahara benefits from high levels of solar irradiance throughout the year, meaning Xlinks can reliably generate every day, including during winter. The chosen locations for the wind farms benefit from a reliable Atlantic wind which is part of a different weather system to the UK.

The low cost of solar and wind generation in the Sahara also means that the project can include significant storage to allow the project to deliver power to the UK throughout the night.

A 3.6 GW subsea cable system will then enable the energy to be sent directly to the UK without relying on existing infrastructure within Spain and France. The project will generate 7.5% of the UK’s electricity demand and will remain operational far beyond the net-zero carbon deadline of 2050.

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